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Maisels Weisse Alcohol Free

maisels weisse alcohol free

Maisel’s Weisse Alcohol Free White Beer is yet another truly great tasting beer for us alcohol free drinkers.

A wonderfully deep colour and a crisp tasting bite make this one that you simply have to try.

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Super Bock Twin Alcohol Free


Super Bock Twin alcohol free lager has masses of flavour. A Portuguese lager which goes through the full fermentation process to ensure that it does not end up thin.

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Schneider Weisse Alcohol Free

schneider alcohol free wheat beer

If you are looking for an alcohol free wheat beer which is bursting with flavour then you have just found the right one. This truly is a treat to the taste buds!

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Bavaria Wit Alcohol Free

bavaria WIT wheat beer non alcoholic

Bavaira WIT is a fully alcohol free (Non alcoholic) wheat beer. It manages to set itself apart from the other alcohol free wheat beers on offer too, with a unique pale colour, almost like a ginger beer, but fully packed with that wonderful wheat beer taste.

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Jupiler Alcohol Free

jupiler alcohol free

Jupiler Alcohol Free is a great tasting lager.  It really is one of those that you can keep drinking, so it is always a great hit when you settle down to watch a bit of sport or a film. This is one of our favourites and is always on our list. Our rating 4/5

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Alcohol Free Holsten Pils

holsten pils alcohol free

The Alcohol Free version of the famous Holsten Pils. This one always gets good ratings and has quite a following.

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Sagres Zero Alcohol Free

sagres zero alcohol free

Sagres Zero Alcohol Free has an amazing flavour to it, almost like a summer ale. It works really well on its own or with food.

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Jever Fun Alcohol Free

jever fun alcohol free

Jever Fun is a fully brewed version of Jever, the alcohol is removed only after the bewing process is complete. This leaves a great tasting lager with less than 0.5% alcohol.

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Kaliber Alcohol Free Lager

kaliber alcohol free lager

Kaliber seems to have been with us forever now. While it does not have the most sophisticated taste, it does offer great value for money.

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Dark Cheers Alcohol Free

alcohol free cheers stout

If you are a fan of dark beer then your options are still sadly limited in the alcohol free beer world. Still, all is not lost, this alcohol free stout from cheers
is really rather good. More of a traditional taste, so don’t expect a guinness clone. It is a very refreshing beer though.

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